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Keep experiencing your newfound health and energy

You’ve made a wise decision to claim a supply of Turapür replacement filters today.

With Turapür’s two stages of filtration, you’ll be able to transform average tap water into a powerful antioxidant.

The initial layer of filtration is a full inch of special KDF Process Media, which is backed by 15 patents and an NSF International certification.

The second layer is Nuchar® AquaGuard® 325 - A high-activity, abrasion-resistant, small-mesh granular activated carbon that’s 8-10x more absorbent than regular activated carbon.

Due to its high degree of microporosity, just 4 tiny grams of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 5000 m2 which is roughly the size of a football field.

Both these components are combined to remove bad tastes and odors.

Then in the final stage, magnesium, infrared ceramics, and tourmaline enrich the water and hydrogen is freed for your body to use.

As a result, the water is transformed into a hydrogen-rich antioxidant

You get the benefits every time you take a refreshing sip.

However, as great as the benefits of this antioxidant water are, they disappear once an old filter wears out.

Which is why it’s so important for you to get new filters rushed to you. And it’s easy to do.

Claim your Turapür replacement filters right now.

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